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's hospital. diana's simply kept
hospital. diana's simply kept her eyes on the road all the while singing to her daughter. there was always a thought in the back of our minds and . >> the sirens that the liver through areas that were closed night had fallen docts had waited for hours finally the transplant surgery. the donor was perfect for the baby. it was really a miracle. by the next
superando.. take pkg take pkg la vida le nego a diana la posibilidad de caminar y de mover la mayor parte de su cuerpo. 3:18 me siento bonita pero no la de maquillarse, ser alegre y vanidosa.muc ho menos en estos dias en los que una ilusion domina sus pensamientos. 7:34 con mis quince anos 7:47 sueno con eso todos los dias casi es una ilusion que comparte con lorena, su madre. lorena ibarra/madren de diana 28:44 que sea su iglesia, su misa y que ella este feliz 28:48 pero no parecia algo muy facil, siendo lorena madre soltera.con dos ninas. diana lopez/suena con su fiesta de 15 anos 11:42 porque no teniamos el dinero nosotros, nadie me podia ayudar, nada asi que era muy duro para nosotros 11:51 diana sufre de distrofia muscular y esta silla es su gran aliada para poder moverse...este transtorno impide la formacion normal de los huesos y musculos...con ayuda de un tubo puede respirar....per o nada de eso entristece ahora a diana 16:25 natsound cantando su ilusion de celebrar los quince anos ha hecho que la gente se vuelque a ayudarla.. 27:19 me da gusto que ella tenga sus quince anos, porque
community. i would like you to meet diana, she is a member of temple isaiah in lafayette and cofounder and cochair of an organization within the context of temple isaiah, a hebrew team meaning open our hearts it is a cluster of synagogues and organizations in contra costa county that works with mental illness issues within the jewish community. i would like to introduce you to pam wrightman a member of con gas beth shalom, a hebrew word meaning comfort works with mental issues in the context of her synagogue and the director of a jewish meditation center program, of the center for jewish people hood welcome. >> thank you very having us. >> i am thrilled i we should say we know each other because of the work of the bay area jewish healing center and we have at the healing center particular outreach on mental illness issues particularly a half day synagogue based conference. beth of you were the chairs and driving forces in your particular synagogues for those conferences and we have mud forward if -- and we have moved foreward from there. so why is mental illness such an important issue
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they cope. who is in who is out? we got an inside look at the pending royal wedding with princess diana's former confidante. pro labor demonstrators are reeling from the expo say of the fake doctor's notes. anna nicole smith takes center stage. >> we are back live. could it have happened here? absolutely. 11 years ago in new york there was infamous mob groping during the puerto rican parade. 98 percent of foreign women i think the big part of it is arab attitudes women have not evolved very much since the days of lawrence of arabia. let's my opinion. the people most directly affected women work afraud in the art world i am joined next to me heather robinson who's articles appear in the wall street journal and new york post and it is standard among front line publications. christian science monitors of columbia school of journalism just back from cairo our new friend sally who started a nonprofit organization at paramount. you wear traditional garb when you are in cairo. >> not when i am in cairo but the villages my father grew up in yes only because i choose to not because i am forced t
vamos a conocer a diana lopez... una adolescente que debido a un transtorno llamado " distrofia muscular" vive confinada a una silla de ruedas... ---pero los deseos de diana de celebrar su " quinceaÑera" vuelan alto... diana sabe que el trabajo que tiene su mama... solo le deja para vivir en un pequeÑo apartamento junto con su hermanita... asi que tal parece que su fiesta... no pasara quizas de una simple felicitacion... ---ahora su mama... lorena ibarra... esta ingeniandosel a para celebrarle la quinceaÑera a diana. --- si usted quiere ayudar a diana lo puede hacer llamando al saratoga children's hospital at 408-340-1501. cu ---ivan cruz... goose duarte... harborside health center in san jose ---doctor juan posada...medic o familiar. take live ---ivan cruz... goose duarte... harborside health center in san jose ---doctor juan posada...medic o familiar. take weather cam in plasma ----hoy tuvimos... viento, lluvia .... y hasta granizo -pero con sol - ariel rodriguez tiene el pronostico del tiempo....... take pkg ---- ariel rodriguez: baja presion se mantiene en la costa y las perturbac
uno de sus integrantes, se trata de diana que cumplira sus 15 y queire festejarlos, pero sufre de una enfermedad la cual ha dejado sin dinero a sus padres para pdoer celebrarla. >> ella padece de atrofia muscular pero eso no le ha impedido soñar con su fiesta. >> la señora lorena es la madre de la niña, . >> a mi hija la lleve a una escuela especial y ahí me dijeorn que estaba enferma , que no se podia sentar. >> ahora es atendida en el horpital infantil, un mal que de acuerdoa su mamá afortunadamente no le ha impedido perder el habla y le comunicado que quiere celerbar sus 15 añs >aÑos:queire mariachi, quiere ocmdia, bailar , cantar. >>se le había pronósticado que viviria hata los 7 años de edad , pero no fue asi así:diana quiero que lo pases bien en tus 15 años porque toda la familia te quiere. >> despuñs del mensaje corrio a los brazos de su mamá tras no pdoer controlar sus emocioens. >> para colaborar para su cumpelaños llame al área 408, 340 15 01, la fiesta sera en 20 de marzo . >> nosotros hacemos una pausa y enseguida, a varias decadasd e distancia siguen las
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. >>> and the world's most famous dress. princess diana's hand-sewn wedding gown. more than 700 million people saw it for the first time 30 years ago. now it's made its way to our studio along with its 25-foot train, veil and diamond-studded tiara. "today," tuesday, february 22, tiara. "today," tuesday, february 22, 2011. captions paid for bynbc-un >>> and welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm willie geist, in for matt. it's a scene of utter destruction. that's how the prime minister of new zealand is describing the damage in christchurch. >> the quake hit at lunchtime on a busy work day. dozens of buildings collapsed. we'll talk to a young man who was there. first, to "today" correspondent natalie morales for details. good morning. >> good morning. this is the second major quake to hit in five months. the city's mayor declared a state of emergency and ordered people to evacuate the city center. >> it crushed the building there. and the cars. >> reporter: in the moments after the earthquake -- >> it's terrifying. [ screaming ] >> reporter: chaos on the ground. peo
of the old buildings were lost in merida over time. the temple of diana is one of those that still remains in all its glory. it's a huge building located in the local forum. all the construction in granite was, at the time, was covered with painted stucco. despite its name, the building was actually dedicated to the cult of the emperor augustus and not to diana, as the materials that were found during excavation showed. its construction dates from the 1st century b.c. or perhaps the early 1st century a.d. it has a rectangular floor plan that's beautifully surrounded by columns. because of the sculptures and other materials found in it, it's believed that it was a very important religious temple. the palace of the count of los corbos was built in the 16th century on top of part of the temple site and used some of the materials from the temple. the front is orientated towards the forum and it was crowned by an interior semi-circular pediment supported by the six columns of the portico. ♪ this isn't a theme park, this is the real thing! real romans took these very real stones and made this
to diana magnay standing alongside on malta. diana, walk me through what's happening right now. looks like a lot of emergency personnel. what are you see something. >> reporter: hi, brooke. well, we have seen two people come out, one of whom was on a stretcher, helped out by those red cross and emergency personnel who you can see, and then another gentleman led down and sort of assisted in walking. those are the only two people, passengers, that we've seen come out so far. those who were in need of medical help were obviously the people on board the catamaran more than two days ago, and they're the first to be disembarked. we're now seeing really just a lot of activity of medical personnel. and another man coming -- i don't know if it's a man or woman. someone else coming down in a wheelchair and being helped. so those are the first passengers of these more than 300 on board that ferry, obviously those in need of medical assistance disembarking first, brooke. >> let me ask you this. this may not be something you can answer. as we see some of the people disemparking, do we know if any of th
the wedding of william's parents. everyone wanted to get a sneak peak at diana's gown. designers even tried to buy off employees for a glimpse. peter alexander reports even the nosey reporters had to wait for the ultimate reveal. >> reporter: it was in essence, a spectacular fashion show with a tv audience of more than 700 million people. victorian inspired hand sewn wedding gown that diana wore. >> she just shimmered in ivory against that red. >> reporter: dave emanuel and his wife got the call that would define their lives from diana herself. the biggest challenge was keeping their soon to be famous design and that 25 foot long train under wraps. >> this was perhaps the best guarded secret in fashion history. how did you keep it that way? >> we hired two security guards, working 12-hour shifts. >> reporter: behind the scene, the emanuels held secret fittings for diana and organized two dress rehearsals in the cathedr cathedral. >> diana would arrive in a sweater and jeans and i would tie cotton behind her. >> reporter: on july 29th, 1981, the world was watching. each summer, diana's dress
interest. it's expected to fetch $16,000. two of princess diana's dresses were also featured. >> that must be prince diana's. >> yeah, it's a little bit different. >> it's still going to be windy throughout the night. we'll have the latest at 11:00. ♪ [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. ♪ go to to see how we can help your cashflow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all.
lessons of diana's engagement and marriage. if you remember, in 1981, diana gets engaged to the prince of wales and then goes back to her flat in kensington and goes back to working in a nursery, and every single moment of her life, from that moment, was corralled and overwhelmed by the media, by the paparazzi. there are 11 national newspapers in england. can you imagine? every single one has one or two royal correspondents. >> right. >> they followed her relentlessly. when kate and william announced their engagement, they simply disappeared. they went off to their west north wales cottage where he's based, and no one saw her. in fact, i read one story in a london paper that said they thought she had gone overseas. such was her invisiblity. and i think they've learned that they can't simply throw someone into this melee and not give them the kind of support and protections that they need. and so, what you saw this week was incredible. i spoke to one of the academic professors at st. andrews yesterday, and i said, did you see them? and he said i did, and he said he was taken aback by th
'll talk to a young man who lived through it. >>> and the world's most famous dress. princess diana's hand sewn wedding gown. more than 700 million people saw it for the first time 30 years ago and look where it is now. it has made its way right here to our studio along with its 25-foot train, veil, and diamond-studded tiara. today tuesday, february 22nd, 2007. >>> and welcome to "today". it's 7:00 a.m. on the west coast on this tuesday morning. >> we are following two major breaking stories, including a terrible end to the hostage situation off the coast of somalia. >> the four americans had been held by pirates aboard their yacht since friday. the u.s. navy immediately began to track that boat and were in contact with the pirates. but overnight they heard gunshots. both couples, won from seattle, the other from southern california, had been killed. details straight ahead. >>> plus, we're also following the latest on that devastating earthquake in christchurch, new zealand. the timing could not have been worse, hitting at lunch time on a busy work day. we'll talk to a young man who was ju
it a lot, and i am actually a very good bike rider, and i don't fall anymore. diana: i think it's important to actually discuss it because, like you said, there are different things that you can do in order to promote safety such as carrying a flashlight, just being more careful, or trying to keep in the back of your mind, you know, when dusk is going to happen and try to get to your destination before then. narrator: where does usher syndrome come from? usher syndrome is always genetic. ushers is an inherited condition, not from one parent, but both. kimberling: the reason why it's this way is because it takes two for usher syndrome to happen. it takes a gene, a specific gene, coming from mom and one coming from dad, and they have to come together. the interesting consequence of that, since mom and dad have to be so-called carriers, is that you seldom see usher syndrome occurring in other family members. narrator: parents of deaf children are confronted with many choices regarding communication and education. some choose sign language, others an auditory/oral education, while others choose
this morning. check it out. the royal gown worn by princess diana. it has a 25-foot train, made of six different fabrics. guess what? the cost of the dress 30 years ago, $1700. for the gown and bridesmaids dresses. i wore one of diana's gowns a few years ago, six feet longer than me. >> by then, it cost what, 50,000? >> good night. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. we had an outpouring of-- of support. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. the 60 miles-- it makes a statement. i know i'm stronger than i was before, both mentally and physically. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. i knew that there was
. oprah: she dared all us little girls -- >>♪i'm coming out♪ oprah: to dream big. miss diana ross. her family -- >> and -- oprah: billy dee williams. a surprise reunion. >> a rare television event. next "oprah." >> oprah at 4:00, diana ross and her five children plus a show-stopping performance. using gps technology to track down students who cut class. and "consumer reports" puts verizon i-phone service to the test. does it outperform at&t. we'll have those stories later today at 5:00. >> we know the sun's peeking through at spots. >> the sun will actually energize the atmosphere and create those snow showers later on. i wanted to take you to southern california. most people are heading that way. it will snowing in the grapevine. if you're heading to l.a., the grapevine may be closed by this evening. >> oh, boy. >> from all of us here at abc 7 news, ththththththththththththth [cheering and applause] [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] meredith: thank you! hello and welcome to "million dollar movie week." all this week, we have partnered with netflix, the compa
are reportedly not on the list though. in the past, first ladies have attended. >> one of diana's bridesmaids -- >> the crowds and the emotion on the outside of that cathedral were extraordinary. and then she went into the cathedral. >> reporter: unlike the wedding of charles and diana, an extravagant spectacle. this is a royal wedding with an eye on the numbers and an emphasis on the royal for the couple seems want fun with the formality. dignitaries, charity workers and members of the military will join celebrities like the beckhams. 1900 guests have been invited to westminster abbey, close to 600 for lunch at buckingham palace, but only 300 get to stay for an intimate dinner. this is a couple keen to mix the royal tradition with their real lives, next week a case in point. first, an official engagement in north wales where william is based with the royal air force, but then it's party time, a college reunion at st. andrews university where they first met. william and kate take their royal duties seriously but want a modern wedding, one that everyone is calling the people's wedding. nbc new
to make sure kate's dress is properly displaced. that could be a challenge. remember, princess diana's train was 25 feet long. india hicks on the right was 13 when she was a bridesmaid for diana 30 years ago. she still has the dress and the memories. >> inside of course everybody is behaving very regally and quietly. outside it was like football hooligans but the best possible football hooligans because they were happy and joyful and screaming with excitement, and you could hear it echoing in through the cathedral. >> reporter: among kate's bridesmaids, prince edward's daughter, lady louise, who will be just 7. the queen's youngest granddaughter. while some details are trickling out, there is plenty of royal intrigue. no palace interviews, not a word about what the bridesmaids will be wearing, and despite endless speculation in the british tabloids, nothing about who's designing kate's dress. but one thing is certain, even with an estimated tv audience of more than two billion people watching, the world's most anticipated wedding will still be a family affair. peter alexander, nbc ne
.s. soil tonight. diana, tar six accused of helping people with poor credit purchase homes she couldn't -- they couldn't afford and what happen? >> reporter: the defense asked the judge to address the court. she proclaimed her innocence and accused of state of selective prosecution. in the middle part of the last decade -- decade, the housing market in virginia and many parts of the u.s. was red-hot. diane owns several real estate oriented companies. authorities in virginia allege that she participated in numerous fraudulent mortgage transactions and as an investigation was colleagues -- closing in, atari left the united states for an extended stay in turkey. >> did she leave the united states to avoid prosecution? >> yeah. she left two days before the indictment was returned. yes, sir. >> reporter: the indictment alleges atari engaged in a series of sham transactions that led to mortgages that the home buyers couldn't afford. prosecutors allege $50 million in fraud and $1 million in profit for the defend. in court, diana, tari asked to make a statement and the circuit judge allowed i
of state have been invited. if we go back to charles and diana's wedding in 1981, nancy reagan represented the president. if you go to diana's funeral in 1997, hillary clinton represented the president at that. no, this is is not a state occasion. it's a royal wedding. they're trying keep it as family occasion. no heads of state as such. having said that, there will be a large number of the royal family, all derived from way back. queen victoria had lots of children. they went out into europe to seek princesses and princes and bred like rabbits. we have a very large swath of royals coming to the wedding. >> one former royal not invited is the duchess of york. sarah ferguson. is that a surprise? there seemed to be some discussion of whether prince william would want to have her there. we now know it's official she is not coming. >> i don't think it's confusion. i don't think anybody expected it. the newspapers have been bouncing up and down and saying she should or shouldn't go. but come on. who invites an ex-wife to a family occasion? nobody, really. i don't think it's a surprise that ferg
is patrick, nbc royal contributor and former aide to princess diana. patrick, good morning. >> good morning, jenna. >> let me ask you this, nearly 2,000 invitations sent out and on them the lord chamberlain is commanded by the queen to invite so and so. who is the lord chamberlain. >> well, this is one of those nice traditional touches to this whole event. the lord chamberlain is officially the head of the queen's household. so, since these invutags are being sent on the queen's behalf, he has put his name to them and they are sent out by members of his staff for those 1,900 lucky people. if you are looking for yours, jenna, you wouldn't miss it. big cream envelope and nice chunky cardboard about 8 by 6 and it will say the lord chamberlain is commanded to invite jenna wolfe to the marriage of prince william and ms. middleton -- it will be good. it will tell you where to go and when. 11:00 a.m. at westminster abbey. it will tell you what to wear. >> interesting, because i always have such a hard time picking out my clothes anyway. that's one less thing i have to worry about. question for you
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>> charlie: welcome to our program. diana enrea kez of "the new york times" has talked to bernie madoff in prison and we'll talk about what heçó said with peter lattman of "the new york times" and brian ross of abc news. >> he had to know but his attitude is if you're doing something wrong, we don't want to know. >> charlie: and we continue with three italian reporters joining me to talk about the scandal involving italian prime minister silvio berlusconi. he'll tell us about the man and the charges. we conclude this evening with the great james taylor. ♪ i've seen fire and i've seen rain ♪ i've seen sunny days i thought they'd never end. >> charlie: an interview with bernie madoff, the possible captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. captioning sponsored by rose communications captioned by media access group at wgbh trial of prime minister berlusconi of italy and james taylor and some tunes when we continue. if you've had a coke in the last 20 years, ( screams ) you've had a hand in giving colle
. princess diana's wedding dress. today, it made a special appearance on the "today" show. crews arrived in new york at 3:30 to unpack the dress which traveled with security gars at all times. the dress, worn by diana almost 30 years ago now, is always on a mannequin to preserve its shape. one of the designs are talked about how and his wife kept the dress under wraps and how diana practiced walking with a 25-foot long train. >> i had two security guards working 12-hour shifts, because journalists were making the point, pretended to be clients. diana would arrive in sweats and jeans and i'd tie a bit of cotton, 25-foot, behind her. a said practice walking up and down now. >> possibly the most amazing part, the dress and the bridesmaid dresses together cost a combined $1700. >>> we'll take a look at some stories we're following for news4. jim handly joins us with a preview of things to come. >> a busy afternoon coming up on news4 at 4:00 and 5:00. a woman paralyzed during her bachelorette party after a prank went horribly wrong. she receives a home makeover. news4 at 5:00 tonight, one loc
grady once served as princess diana's chef. diana and charles had many wedding cakes. how much pressure is on the staff to make this reception incredible? >> chris, this reception is going to be harder because it comes on the back of easter at windsor castle. all the chefs will be cooking for the queen at easter and coming back to london to two two parties at the buckingham palace. it is a big organization. >> i want to know menu. what kinds of things would you expect. let's start with breakfast hosted by the queen. what would you think would be on the menu? >> 11 weeks to go and we are still waiting for the menu. we are waiting to see who is invited. we are waiting to see the wedding dress. i'm thinking the two parties, the first one, the wedding breakfast will be more formal. that is organized by the queen so the royal chef will be involved. canapes, finger food. we can't say buffet because it gives the picture of the all you can eat and it is not like that at the palace the evening will be informal hosted by prince charles. we are probably going to see spring organic lamb. prince cha
are they handling this so far? >> it's remarkable. the bitter lessons of diana have been learned. if you think about it, 30 years ago, diana was 19 years old. the engagement is announced and then she literally goes back to her apartment and she's surrounded by paparazzi and followed everywhere she goes and compare that with this experience. the engagement curse, it's announced, and then the couple disappear. they go to william's place on the north royal coast and he goes back to work and she's not seen anywhere. there's no paparazzi following her. in fact, some people thought she had somehow gone overseas. of course, she hadn't. what the royal family have learned is that the experience of diana where she said to me in that interview, i was thrown to the wolves, nobody ever sat down with me and gave me a lesson in the expectations and the pressures that were going to fall upon me. they've learned from that. now, you can see the lessons. somebody i know who is a prof s professor at st. andrews i spoke to yesterday said they saw this couple at the ceremony and they were astonished by how composed they
of americans from libya to the island of malta, where i diana magnay is. if you could, explain to us, how is this evacuation working? what are you seeing? >> reporter: hi, suzanne. so far those u.s. citizens haven't left tip poly. the catamaran they are on, which holds 600 people, not that many, was due to leave two hours ago and according to the u.s. embassy here, they're still boarding, and they were meant to arrive seven hours ago at the port to get the whole process going. it really is taking an extremely long time and even though it is only under 200 kilometers from tripoli to malta, it will probably take between seven to nine hours to make the crossing. so those 600 will be arriving really in the very early hours of tomorrow morning. when they get here, there is going to be a travel desk set up so they can basically make their own arrangements to get from malta back to the u.s. or wherever it is that they want to go. there will be refreshments and those kinds of things there, of course. when they arrive in malta, they have to make their own way back. they will be assisted by embassy
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other name. and the british press is starting to make comparisons to william's mother, diana, princess of wales. there is diana's engagement ring now on kate's finger. both wore blue outfits to show off the luster of the diamond and sapphire ring, but william says there is no pressure on kate to fill his late mother's shoes. >> people will in many respects compare her with william's mother. and there will be an expectation that she will undertake a full share offal royal duty. >> reporter: now that william is taken people are asking what about prince harry, who will be the best man at the wedding? his off and on girlfriend chelsea davy was back in the spotlight this weekend attending a society wedding with kate middleton's younger sister pippa. she's been spotted around london in royal circles. seen leaving a nightclub with her prince. leading to speculation that she will be on prince harry's arm for the royal wedding. the palace won't comment on prince harry's private life and won't say who will or will not be on his arm on wedding day, but the palace did reveal to us, matt, that kate
learned their lessons from diana. the great legacy she left william is he can marry whomever he wants. >> reporter: while they want to make sure diana is part of the wedding they also want to forge their own way. >> william is concerned that catherine doesn't try and follow in diana, she makes her own identity. >> reporter: they are making the wedding their own. we're learning more about where kate's family and the couple's close friends might stay and where kate could spend her last night before she takes her vows. with 71 rooms, an ideal location, just a stone's throw from buckingham palace, this is the room and venue for the bridal party. here is one of the suites where the guests may well stay. the hotel is intimate, luxurious and most importantly, private. the goring is a 100-year-old hotel with its own royal pedigree. many royal guests stayed here in these very bedrooms. what about life after the wedding? kate and william's first year will be spent in wales where the prince is a search and rescue pilot. the queen is said to want to give them time to adjust to married life but th
. it reminded me of grace kelly and prince rainier, and i knew princess diana as well. >> very different wedding. >> obviously in britain now, back in my home country, we're all preparing for this huge event, the royal wedding, prince william and kate. what do you make of that? >> i think that they're having found each other and having obviously already worked so hard too build a loving relationship is one of the happiest and most wonderful developments in a long time. i'm delighted. >> you actually took over a lot of the work that diana was doing in relation to landmines. >> i got very involved in landmines, had been in jordan, which would been an sure, because landmines still proliferate in the middle east, some as far back as ward war ii, killing innocent people, destroying livestock and holding agricultural land hostage, but we've done a good job in jordan of demining. i then took it on a global level that worked with her. >> you knee diana? >> i wouldn't claimed to have known her very well, but they visited us in jordan. we spent a little time in -- >> what did you think of her? >> i though
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